Gift Option

Gift-wrapping set/Message card

To our customers shopping as a gift for someone speicial:

We offer a gift bag and 3 message card options for you to choose from – Feel free to write a message expressing your
gratitude on the back of the card. 

You can purchase and select gift options on the shopping cart page
 – Enjoy your gift shoppingexperience♪

Gift-wrapping set (¥300)

The gift-wrapping set includes an ikaw-colored semi-transparent mesh bag and a gift message card.

The bag fits 3 ikaw bottles from ikaw skincare oil (all sizes: regular, mini, big) to yourskinlotion.  

You can write a message on the back of the card – Send your gift to someone precious with a personalized message. 

*The gift bag is available in one size.

Please note:

・The gift bag and message card will be included in your ordered package. Please wrap the itemson your end to send to
someone special.

Complimentary message card (4 options)

We offer 4 options for you to choose from: "Thank you", or "あなたに(For you)", or "love you", "本当におめでとう(Congratulations)".

You can write a message on the back of the card — A perfect way to send love and gratitudealong with the gift. 

*We do not offer a service where we print a personalized message on the card. The card will be included in your ordered
package. Please feel free to write your message on the back.

Please note:

・The gift-wrapping set may not be returned or exchanged for customer reasons.  

・We do not include price tags, receipts, or any price indications inside the box.

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