ikaw yourtime room spray

ikaw is adding its first-ever lifestyle item to the lineup — a room spray for your time. The room spray infuses 100% of the core signature ikaw scent. It can be used to freshen the air in a space or to deodorize and disinfect your couch, shoes, and other belongings. A new item from ikaw — a brand that accompanies you in your daily life.

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Claim your time for yourself
Cultivate a stream of pleasant moments in your daily life.

The essential element of ikaw is “ikaw’s signature scent”
Gentle yet refreshing, with an ephemeral softness.
It is suitable for when you want to change the ambiance or your mood;
You can indulge in its use as much as you please, at any time, in any place.
A room spray made exclusively for you.

  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray
  • ikaw yourtime room spray


  • ── Imbuing your daily life with ikaw’s scent

    We are humbled by the overwhelming love from our customers who have fallen for the enchanting aroma that has become synonymous with the ikaw brand. In response to the passionate requests of our beloved customers who have implored us, “Please create an ikaw room spray!” we are thrilled to announce the launch of our very first room spray. Allow us to introduce yourtime room spray, a name carefully chosen with the sincere intention of harmonizing your moments with your heart.

  • ── Not merely a fragrance, but enhanced with deodorizing and antibacterial effects

    Featuring persimmon tannin, which effectively deactivates a wide range of viruses and helps maintain clean air, and silver oxide, renowned for its powerful antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Additionally, the inclusion of copper gluconate inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Together, they work harmoniously to decompose and eliminate odors in various settings such as spaces, couches, shoes, and pet-related odors. The ikaw yourtime room spray offers more than just a delightful fragrance. It becomes your faithful companion, enriching your daily life.

  • ── ikaw’s unique way of embracing the Earth

    In our room spray, we incorporate Aloe Vera Extract and Loofah Extract sourced from Miyako Island. By incorporating these ingredients, ikaw actively supports a remarkable coral conservation initiative led by an NPO organization. Opting for the room spray enables you to contribute to the preservation of nature, ultimately safeguarding our planet. This item serves as a tangible embodiment of ikaw's distinctive commitment to embracing and protecting the natural world.

How to use
Claim your time for yourself

At the beginning or end of your day, during break times,
use it to switch the ambiance and your mood.

In your living room, bedroom, restroom, curtains, and other
precious places to you.

Check your surroundings to ensure there are no people or animals nearby, then spray.

It can also be used on curtains, couches, clothing, shoes,
plush toys, and other fabric items.

Not only does it provide fragrance, but it also offers antibacterial and
deodorizing effects, making it suitable for combating
unpleasant odors, including those in shoes.

May this elevate your time,
creating moments that touch your heart.


Water, Ethanol, BG, Persimmon Tannin, Sodium Lactate, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Loofah Fruit/Leaf/Stem Extract, Oxalis Corniculata Extract, Arginine, Phytic Acid, Silver Oxide, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glucono Delta-Lactone, Copper Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Geraniol

  • Not intended for cosmetic use. Please do not apply directly to the skin or use it on pets.
  • Keep out of reach of infants and store and use in a safe place.
  • In case the spray comes in contact with your eyes, avoid rubbing and immediately rinse with running water.
  • Do not use on leather materials.
  • Before using on fabrics, test spray on inconspicuous area to ensure it does not cause staining.
  • Although there is no risk of ignition, avoid spraying towards open flames.
  • No need to worry about alcohol residue on fabrics as the alcohol in the spray will evaporate quickly.

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