Customer Care

Guide to shopping for the first time

Please sign up for an account if you are shopping on oursite for the first time. 

How to create an account

Please fill in all the necessary information on the new customer registration page.
You can sign up for free.
⇒Click here for registration

How to login to your account

You can log in to your account after the registration is completed. To log in, go to the login page and type in your email address and registered password.
⇒Click here to login

How can I modify my email address?

To change your email address, contact us at or from our contact form and include your registered name, registered email address, and new email address.

How can I check or modify my account? 

After logging in to your account, you can check your registered account information and order history from your account page. 
If you have moved and need to change your shipping address, please follow the following instructions: 
1 Change your address from your ikaw account
2 [If you saved your credit card info] Change the default shipping and billing address on shop pay
Go to the following link if you entered the wrong shipping address
⇒I entered the wrong shipping address

If you forgot or want to change your login password,please reset it from the login page and click “Forgot your password?” 
⇒Click here to reset your password

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us at or from the contact form and include your registered name and email address.

I haven’t received the confirmation email

We send you confirmation emails when your account registration, order, and shipping are completed. If you are not receiving the confirmation email(s), there is a chance it might be sorted into your junk or spam folder, especially if you use mobile phone carrier emails. Please check the following if you are not receiving our emails:

❶ If you have customized junk mail filter settings
Please check the setting and enable to receive emails from

❷ If you use free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo
There is a chance the emails are sorted automatically into the junk or spam folder. If not, please check your mailbox storage as it might be full and regain free space to receive our emails.

❸ If you might have entered a wrong email address
If you have tried the above ❶ and/or ❷ but still not receiving our emails, there might be a chance you have entered the wrong email address. In this case, please notify and contact us at with your full

If your mailbox storage is full
You might not be receiving the emails because your mailbox or cloud storage is full. This may be the case if you have contacted us but have not received our email within 3 days. Please make sure you have enough space in your mailbox.

Product information

I want to know the launch date of a specific product or when the products are restocked

You can check out the launch date of our item(s) on our official Instagram account. 
⇒ikaw official Instagram

Can I find your products at retail stores?

At this time, our items are exclusively available on our online store. 
However, we occasionally do pop-up events; we make announcements on our NEWS page or official Instagram, so please be sure to check them out.

I live outside of Japan, can I still place an order? Also, how much will I be charged for customs duties and taxes?

ikaw offers international shipping to the United States, Taiwan, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italia, and Olanda. Please note that in addition to the product and shipping costs, customs duties, import tax, and other fees may apply. The recipient (customer) is responsible for paying any applicable customs duties and import tax. Please also note that purchasing a large quantity of products may result in customs clearance issues. We kindly ask you to avoid making large orders. The amount of customs duties and consumption tax is not determined at the time of placing your order, but will be determined during customs clearance. Please pay for these fees upon receipt of the product.

Order & Payment

Payment Methods

We accept only credit card payment.

Shipping Cost

The shipping fee varies depending on the delivery area and the number of items.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once an order is placed, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. We recommend checkingyour email setting in advance to receive our email from
You can also check your order from the order history on your account. The order will be automatically canceled in case of incomplete payment or credit card decline.
⇒Click here if you are not receiving the order confirmation email

How do I get a business receipt?

Receipt will be shown on your order history after the order has been shipped.
Log in to your account page to check the order details.
Please note, the invoice will not be included in your package.
⇒Click here to log in

How can I modify my order?

We will not be able to make any changes to your order after it has already been processed. If you want to change your order, please cancel the order immediately and placea new order.
⇒How do I cancel my order?

Can I change the credit card after placing an order?

The credit card used to pay for the order cannot bechanged after the order is placed.
However, you may change your payment by canceling the order immediately before it is processed and placing a new order.

The item I put in the cart went out of stock

An order gets confirmed after the checkout process is completed.
Please note that our items are currently sold in limited quantities and may go out of stock before checkout is completed.
We recommend registering and logging in to your account before purchasing for quicker checkout.

Returns due to customer’s lengthy absence or rejection

Please note that customers are to bear shipping costs both ways if the order is returned to us for any reason, such as the customer’s long-term absence, insufficient or incorrect address, and refusal upon delivery.

Do you offer gift wrapping service?

We do not offer gift wrapping service at this moment. However, we have a gift wrapping set and a complimentary message card.
Please visit the following link for gift wrapping and card options:
⇒Gift Options


How can I get tracking information?

We will email you your tracking confirmation once the order has been shipped. Please make sure your email is set to receive our email from
You can also check your tracking information via your account.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Delivery time may vary depending on the shipping address, but as our products are shipped from Japan, it usually takes about 1 week to 10 days to arrive. Please note that the delivery time may also vary depending on the region and circumstances. To check the delivery status, please refer to your My Page or shipping notification until the products arrive.

Can I specify a delivery date and time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify a delivery date or time for international shipping.

I typed in the wrong address — How can I modify it?

Please reply to the order confirmation email with your updated address or contact us at with your order ID and new address. Please note that if you request to change your address after the product have been shipped, you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges incurred. We appreciate your understanding.


How can I return an item?

Besides defective or damaged products, we do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges after the order has been confirmed and processed. To run things smoothly, please check the product(s) immediately after you receive them and see if they are the correct ordered items. Also, please do not throw out the original packaging(s) and box(es) and keep them in a resalable condition until you know they are the correct ordered products. In case you received a defective, damaged, or incorrect item(s), we humbly ask you to send us the photo(s) of the item(s) along with the related references at

I’d like to cancel my order

You may cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet. In that case, please contact us immediately as we may not be able to make changes once the order has started being processed. 
In addition, if you want to modify your address or cancel your order, to run things smoothly, please reply to the order confirmation email or contact us at with your Order ID.

Contact Us

Please email us at or contact us from the contact form.
We will respond in 1 - 3 business days.
If you are contacting about the purchased products, please provide your Order ID, or you can also reply to the order confirmation email.
⇒Click here to contact us from the contact form

Mail Magazine

We will send you information and information on new products