Pleased to meet you, we are ikaw.

ikaw means “you” in Filipino.
Your skin is about yourself.
Your unique concerns are yours alone to know.

ikaw is a skincare brand that was born for you.

"We strive every day to find ways to "support you"
And deliver them to you
through skincare."

ikaw basic line

  • ikaw tenderskin body cream

    ikaw tenderskin body cream

    Presenting the first-ever body care item from Ikaw. The cream melts on the skin with your skin’s warmth, offering a texture that readily and evenly absorbs. It spreads smoothly and lightly, yet fully replenishes your skin with hydration. Experience “a soft and delicate ease just for my skin.

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  •  ikaw skincare oil

    ikaw skincare oil

    Skincare oil made from plant-based ingredients that reproduce the innate skin components of a 22-year-old, which is the
    age considered to have the most well-balanced skin—Moisturized, soft and supple skin without feeling greasy. Or a
    flawless smooth skin. The oil is suitable for those who feel their facial skin is dehydrated, dull, and dry, as well as
    those with redness and irritated skin. The oil is also effective for dry lips, neck winkles, and at toning your
    décolletage skin, softening your breasts, smoothening your bum and underarms, and lightening the intimate area.
    Experience smooth skin that makes you want to touch. *Using 2 pumps in the morning and evening will last approximately 2 and a half months

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  • ikaw yourskin lotion

    ikaw yourskin lotion

    We have created the opalescent serum-like lotion under the theme: “Your skin water.” Each ingredient of Your Skin Lotion acts as a protagonist—a potent agent that does great work for your skin. Hydrating but soft, mild, and melts right into your skin. While the ikaw scent embraces you, the lotion makes its way into skin’s deeper layers, giving softness to your skin from inside out.  *It depends on the amount used, but it typically lasts between 1.5 to 2.5 months

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  • ikaw softskin cream

    ikaw softskin cream

    Our ikaw skin cream is finally available. Soft and gentle right from the moment it touches your skin, and the smooth texture readily spreads through. It’s a special cream containing a rich amount of the ingredients found in ikaw oil and yourskin lotion, blended with an exquisite balance. A comforting cream that moisturizes your skin to the deep layers, leading to its inherent softness. Indulge your skin in a lavish experience.  *It depends on the amount used, but it typically lasts between 1 to 2 months

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  • ikaw moistskin cleansing oil

    ikaw moistskin cleansing oil

    “Hydrating cleanser” made with an underlying message, “made to encounter you.” Infused with a lavish amount of moisturizing agents, featuring Jojoba oil, rice bran oil, and Shorea robusta seed oil. The cleanser will leave your skin smooth and soft in a way you’ve never experienced before — bestowing you with an awing experience of discovering yourself.  *Using 3 pumps per application will last from 2.5 to 3 months

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  • ikaw UV skinprotection

    ikaw UV skinprotection

    A long-awaited UV item is newly released from ikaw. Made with a lavish blend that comes close to a serum, it seeks to capture the distinct comforting texture unique to ikaw. The dewy and smooth finish gives the sensation of applying skincare. A completely new UV item has emerged from ikaw—with the concept of “living together with you,” it will make you want to use it every day throughout all seasons while protecting your skin.

    SPF 30 PA +++

    ・Can be used as a makeup primer
    ・Can be rinsed off with facial cleanser

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  • ikaw handcare cream

    ikaw handcare cream

    Our new ikaw hand cream with the base formula of ikaw skincare oil is
    out now.Helps skin renewal and prevents the increase of reactive oxygen species (ROS) ‒ which not only saves the skin from temporary dryness, but also keeps it replenished and moisturized. Smooth, soft, and silky texture. We focused on achieving the ease after application.

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  • ikaw yourtime room spray

    ikaw yourtime room spray

    ikaw is adding its first-ever lifestyle item to the lineup — a room spray for your time. The room spray infuses 100% of the core signature ikaw scent. It can be used to freshen the air in a space or to deodorize and disinfect your couch, shoes, and other belongings. A new item from ikaw — a brand that accompanies you in your daily life.

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ikaw skincare step ikaw’s ultimate skincare guide

  • Cleansing
    ikaw moistskin cleansing oil

    Take 3 pumps onto your palm, gently apply and massage onto your skin using your fingertips, then emulsify and rinse off with warm water.

  • Face wash(coming soon)

  • Oil
    ikaw skincare oil

    Apply 2-3 pumps of the oil onto your skin after cleansing. ⭐︎Your skin can be damp or towel-dried — however you like. *Note that applying the oil first can help unleash the power of ikaw

  • Toner
    ikaw yourskin lotion

    Massage a slightly larger than 500 yen coin-sized amount of the product into your skin using a hand pump. If you have dry skin, use an additional round of the product.⭐ We also recommend using cotton pads to apply the lotion.

  • Cream
    ikaw softskin cream

    Gently apply the size of 1-3 soybeans to your entire face, as desired. Avoid using too much pressure, and aim to evenly coat your skin.

  • 日焼け止め
    ikaw UV skinprotection


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